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Handouts and Links
Handouts and Links
01. Resources for An Introduction to Language and Linguistics 
02. What is Language? 
03. Vocal Tract 
04. IPA chart with recordings 
05. Interactive Sagittal Section 
06a. Typing Phonetic Symbols 
06b. Alternate Typing Phonetic Symbols 
07. Answers to Homework #1 (password protected pdf) 
08a. Practice Quiz 1 
08b. Answers to Practice Quiz 1 
09. Corrected Version of Exercise 1.8 (repeated typo corrected) 
10. Phonology Slideshow 
11. Practice Phonology Problems 
12. Answers to Quiz 1 
13. More Phonology Problems (for more practice for everyone and for homework credit for those who didn't do exercise 9 and 10 at the end of chapter 1) 
14a. Even More Practice Phonology Problems 
14b. Answer to Even More Practice Phonology Problems 
15. Deriving New Lexemes 
16. Practice Morphology Problems (Review) (Turkish with Answers at the End) 
17. Deriving New Lexemes Slideshow 
18. Answers to First Morphology Homework (password-protected slideshow) 
19a. Practice Inflectional Morphology Problems 
19b.Answers to Practice Inflectional Morphology Problems 4 and 5 
20a. Sample Quiz 3 (corrected) 
20b. Answers to Sample Quiz 3 
21a. Sample Quiz #5 
21b. Answers to Sample Quiz #5 
22. Answers to Quiz 5 
23. In Search of Implicatures 
24a. Sample Semantics and Pragmatics Quiz 
24b. Answers to Sample Semantics and Pragmatics Quiz 
25. Exercises 8.3 and 8.4 
26. Romance Cognate Sets 
27. Exercises 8.5, 8.6, and 8.7 
28. Indo-European Cognate Sets 
29. Exercises 8.7 - 8.8 
30. Sample Historical Quiz 
31. Answers to Sample Historical Quiz 
32. Yale Grammatical Diversity Project: A-prefixing 
33a. Sample Final Exam 
33b. Answers to Sample Final Exam 
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